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Nirvor is providing free advance software to every individuals and anyone involved in medical care and connecting them.

Individuals, patients, physicians, psychologists, hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, diagnostic centers and other health professionals are getting free software from Nirvor.

Nirvor Connect


  • Every individuals can get a free, intelligent electronic medical chart that is connected to robust software that has the ability to monitor health and medical care.
  • Sign up and use free as patient at Nirvor.com or Nirvor app, and use the link My Medical Chart.
  • Give access to any physician or other providers to this personal medical chart electronically.
  • Any provider could add information to the electronic chart with permission from the chart owner the patient.
  • Manage chronic diseases, medications, vitals and others.
  • Communicate with providers electronically and many other benefits.
  • Sign up as physician, psychologists and other health professionals and use the link to EHR.
  • Use advance Electronic Health Record system for free.
  • Collect patient data electronically.
  • Transfer the data to patient’s personal electronic chart or any other provider electronically.
  • Send prescription to pharmacy electronically.
  • Send order for labs and other tests electronically and many other benefits.